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Competence areas

Expertise in Data Science exists in many different knowledge areas within the Università della Svizzera italiana – USI. The InterDisciplinary Institute of Data Science – IDIDS works as a network connecting core competencies within USI faculties. The interdisciplinary approach and the capability to work across the whole Data Science value chain are key elements in how the Institute aims to position itself in this new and fast-moving field.


Biostatistics is a dynamic and growing field dedicated to the creation of innovative theory and methods for study design,... More

Competence area leader: Clelia di Serio

Predictive inference and computational statistics

Statistics underlies every part of the data science value chain.  Starting with pre-processing, filtering and mining the data... More

Competence area leader: Antonietta Mira

Social network science

Network research across the physical and social sciences has experienced a quiet revolution in recent years as the number... More

Competence area leader: Alessandro Lomi

Spatial statistics and econometrics

Spatial Econometrics is a rapidly evolving field born from the joint efforts of economists, statisticians, econometricians and regional scientists. More

Competence area leader: Giuseppe Arbia

Systemic risk

Financial markets generate a continuous flow of data. Prices change every moment, prompting traders to revise their portfolios. More

Competence area leader: Giovanni Barone-Adesi

Data privacy and policy

In the spotlight alongside big data we increasingly see a debate on privacy and the unanswered questions... More

Competence area leader: Bertil Cottier, Peter Seele

Human behavior in digital environments

Digital environments created by information and communication technologies, such as computers, smartphones and tablets, ... More

Competence area leader: Reto Hofstetter

Information and communication technology and mobility

This knowledge area studies the interaction between information technologies and human communication processes, ... More

Competence area leader: Lorenzo Cantoni

Computer vision

Computer vision is an image science that uses methods for acquiring, processing, analyzing, and understanding images...More

Competence area leader: Michael Bronstein

Cyber-physical and embedded systems

Observation, monitoring or data acquisition, followed by data filtering and collection, has been the most common... More

Competence area leader: Malek Miroslaw

Information Retrieval & Analysis

This area is concerned with the design, implementation, and evaluation of advanced information access systems for unstructured information. More

Competence area leader: Fabio Crestani

Machine Learning

Jürgen Schmidhuber, the leader of this knowledge area, pioneered Deep Learning a quarter-century ago in Munich. More

Competence area leader: Juergen Schmidhuber

Mathematical modeling and numerical simulation

Mathematical modeling and numerical simulations open new perspectives for science, research and economy... More

Competence area leader: Rolf Krause