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IDIDS Project Listing

Bayesian Analysis of Heterogeneous Social Networks

This project involves the development of probabilistic modelling and inferential methods for the analysis of heterogeneous social network data.



Snowball sampling to access BIG data

Computation of statistical models for large social networks is fraught with difficulties. This project develops new algorithms and software for high-performance computing that enhance efficiency.

Dive in to the fascinating world of numbers!

Explore the world of Digits, Dice and Data in an interactive 3-D exhibit aimed at fostering interest in the study of mathematics, probability, and statistics.


How does an organization learn?

Linking experiential and vicarious learning through the dynamics of how they evolve, this project uses simulation to develop a new model.


Tools to avoid retail order amplification

Using human interaction with a simulation model to improve our understanding of the dynamics that lead to order amplification decisions.




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