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Social Network Analysis
Introduction to methods and applications to the EUPRO database

16-18 February, 2016

Course Instructors:
Prof. Alessandro Lomi
Dr. Thomas Scherngell
Dr. Paola Zappa

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Social Networks with ERGM
Introduction to the statistical analysis of social networks with exponential random graph models (ERGM)

18-20 April 2016

Course Instructors:
Prof. Alessandro Lomi
Dr. Paola Zappa
Dr. Garry Robins



September 13-15, 2016

Data Science with [a] Spark

Organized by ETHZ CSCS and IDIDS, this two and a half day workshop addresses high-level parallelization for data analytics workloads using the Apache Spark framework.

Learning objectives are:

  • to understand the value of parallelization
  • to understand the value of a high-level framework like Apache Spark
  • to understand the MapReduce paradigm, which is central to Spark
  • to get hands-on experience in applying the MapReduce paradigm for various applications, ranging from statistical analysis to machine learning

Additionally, participants will learn how to prototype with Spark and how to exploit large HPC machines like the Piz Daint CSCS flagship system.

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