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Tinext is Global Alliance Partner of OpenText, the market leader in providing Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions. Tinext provides strategic and high-value consulting services for developing projects based OpenText technologies.

OpenText's flagship product, Livelink, seamlessly combines "collaboration" with Content Management, helping organisations transform information into knowledge to provide the foundation for innovation, compliance and accelerated growth.

The website of USI is based on the following Livelink product:

Livelink ECM-WCM Server
Livelink ECM-WCM Server is a Content Management System that allows a simple, safe and fast management of the contents of a web site. It grants the web site to be dynamic and customized according to one's need. Texts and images can be modified directly from the web site regardless of technical skills.
Integrated with Livelink ECM WCM Server, USI uses also Livelink Document Management System and Workflow functionalities:
Livelink ECM - DMS
Livelink ECM - Document Management is a document management solution that provides full lifecycle management for any type of electronic document produced or exchanged within a company (documents, images, tasks, projects, process, etc.) Completely based on web technologies, Livelink ECM - DMS helps companies to catalogue, organise, store, revise and archive any kind of business-critical document.
Through the advanced Workflow Management functionality it is possible to dynamically draw working processes of document management.
The whole editing process of the contents of the website - from creation to publication - is automatically and interactively managed by both Livelink ECM-DMS and Livelink ECM WCM Server.

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