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The market for data scientists continues to grow: they hold the key to addressing fundamental problems posed by big data, technological change and the diffusion of the internet as a global information infrastructure. Internet companies, consulting companies, media companies, financial companies, large retail companies, government agencies, and research institutions are increasingly discovering the potential value of data science as a way to extract interpretable and actionable information from the unprecedented volume of digital behavioral data that are generated and stored on a daily basis.

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Photo courtney of USI Master in Computational Science

Data Science in Practice

This new course is offered as an elective for students pursuing a Master’s in Computational Science or a PhD in informatics. Over the semester, participants will learn process discovery algorithms and key analysis techniques along with methods such as machine learning and data mining. The course is co-directed by Dr. Spyros Angelopoulos, pictured above, and Prof. Vittorio Limongelli of the Institute of Computational Science ICS.
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The Quantification of Uncertainty
FOMICS Winter School
December 15-19, 2016

This course is organized by FOMICS - Foundations in Mathematics and Informatics for Computer Simulations in Science and Engineering, at ICS - Institute of Computational Science. Featured speakers include:

Mark Girolami, Uni Warwick
Helmut Harbrecht, Uni Basel
Phaedon-Stelios Koutsourelakis, Tech Uni München
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