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Social network science

Network research across the physical and social sciences has experienced a quiet revolution in recent years as the number and variety of networks available continue to expand and permeate our social fabric. Social networks are clusters of smaller groups that overlap and network science has shifted into the study of the patterns of these connections and how they shape outcomes and how multi-level systems evolve. Social Network Science is intrinsically interdisciplinary: insights and tools developed in the natural sciences can be used in the social sciences and vice versa, making collaboration and communication across different knowledge areas extremely important.

The Social Network Analysis Research Center (SoNAR-C) is an interdisciplinary research unit established to pursue two broad objectives. The first is to support research and training in the theories, methods and practical applications of social network analysis and related topics. The second is to facilitate interaction and discovery of common research goals among its members who span several of the disciplines represented at the Università della Svizzera italiana including management, economics, statistics, applied mathematics and computational science.

Link to Knowledge Area: Social Network Analysis Research Center (SoNAR-C)

Knowledge Area Leader: Alessandro Lomi


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