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Machine Learning

Jürgen Schmidhuber, the leader of this knowledge area, pioneered Deep Learning a quarter-century ago in Munich. Two decades ago, Schmidhuber came to Lugano and together with his team has built one of the world's top artificial intelligence institutes, the Swiss AI Lab IDSIA Dalle Molle Institute. Machine learning evolved from the study of pattern recognition and computational learning theory in artificial intelligence: it is about making computers use past observations to optimize future performance. Applications include self-driving cars, effective web search, speech recognition, machine translation, and lifesaving medical applications such as cancer detection, one of the most important application areas with a high potential impact.

IDSIA's research focuses on machine learning, deep neural networks, data mining, imprecise probabilities, operations research, approximation algorithms, intelligent decision support systems, and bio-inspired systems and swarm robotics.

IDSIA's training algorithms for deep, wide, often recurrent, artificial neural networks, similar to biological brains have won international competitions on a routine basis and have achieved best known results on many benchmarks for computer vision and speech recognition, among others.


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Swiss AI Lab IDSIA (Istituto Dalle Molle di Studi sull'Intelligenza Artificiale)

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