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Information Retrieval & Analysis

Information Retrieval facilitates access to unstructured information, focusing on best match retrieval models, the classification, indexing and storage of documents and on the evaluation of retrieval effectiveness. Retrieval is increasingly complex as data is generated faster and faster by cheap and numerous information sensing mobile devices.

This knowledge area studies the design, implementation, and evaluation of advanced information access systems for unstructured information. Research topics include:

  • Distributed Information Retrieval: modeling resource description, resource selection and results fusion
  • Information Retrieval Models: modeling the uncertainty in indexing and matching processes using formal models
  • Personalization and contextualization: adaptation of retrieval models to a user task and context
  • Digital Libraries: distributed digital libraries and use of speech for interactive information access
  • Mobile Information Access: access to information using mobile terminals and small screen devices
  • Text Mining: mining heterogeneous text archives or user-generated content to determine opinion and trends
  • User interaction: design of new models and tools for better capturing user interaction in information access tasks.

Link to Knowledge Area: The Information Retrieval Group

Knowledge Area Leader: Fabio Crestani


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