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Cyber-physical and embedded systems

Observation, monitoring or data acquisition, followed by data filtering and collection, has been the most common and perhaps the most successful scientific method since the beginning of times. It is not only used in science to observe the world and state hypothesis but it has been used virtually in all domains and all walks of life from archeology and business to physics and zoology. Quality of such collected data has a fundamental impact on data analytics and is a sine qua non condition for successful research in data science.

Cyber-Physical and Embedded Systems are hardware/software components (sensors and actuators) interacting with physical world which help us to observe and in part control the world around us. They are typically composed of a network of heterogeneous units strongly interacting with the physical environment they are deployed in.

As trillions of data items are generated daily by humans and cyber-physical as well as embedded systems such sensors (frequently humans use sensors such keyboards or phones to produce the data) the art of acquiring, filtering and collecting relevant, useful data and turning it into information, knowledge or even wisdom has to be mastered.

The challenges and open questions for CPES'es regarding data acquisition systems are numerous and include, just to name a few, variable selection (what to observe), how to sense it, sampling/measurement frequency, the number of sensors, sensor placement, data pre-processing and storage.

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