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Inspired by this new era of data driven scientific discovery, Università della Svizzera italiana established the new InterDisciplinary Institute of Data Science in April 2015 with a mandate to:

  • Encourage and sustain interdisciplinary research requiring skill sets that span multiple scientific domains;
  • Promote a culture of open collaboration across disciplines and organizational and knowledge divisions;
  • Facilitate project-based partnerships with leading national and international research institutions through high-quality interdisciplinary projects;
  • Mobilize intellectual resources within the university to ensure knowledge transfer between students, academics, and the professional and business communities;
  • Increase general awareness about research initiatives and educational opportunities in data science;
  • Introduce innovative academic programs to train the next generation of professional data scientists and data science researchers;
  • Inform and shape the public debate by actively involving students and citizens in a productive conversation about the coevolutionary relationship linking data and society.


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